2015.03.06 Textile techniques – Weaving workshop – Stitch your traditional Slovakian dress from scratch! – MORE INFO

Stitch your traditional Slovakian dress from scratch!

1, Weaving workshop

Creating ornaments or belt for a skirt or trouser
(Traditional hand-weaving techniques on a rigid-heddle loom, tablet

2, Sewing workshop

designing and sewing a skirt or trouser
(Sewing with both electric and treadle sewing machine, sewing by hand,
making buttons from yarn)

Programme of the WEAVING WORKSHOP:

Friday :
16:00 : Arrival
18:00 : Diner
19:30 : Presentation : Aim of the workshop and introduction to the tools and materials. Set up the rigid-heddle loom or weaving card.

Saturday :
09:00 – 17:00 : Workshop

Sunday :
09:00 – 13:00 : Workshop

Material required: Belt to attached your work to your waist. Happiness
Feel free to bring your own material, yarns and fabrics or to share the fabrics you will not need any more.

The fee is 30 EURO for one weekend, for young people under 26 years 5 EURO discount
The workshop starts on Friday at 16:00, and ends on Sunday at 13:00
Accommodation on matracess in own sleeping bags, all meals vegetarian.
Language of the workshop : English
Maximum number of participants : 10
1 teacher

For further information: hanna@zajezka.sk

The workshop is facilitated with the support of the EU programme Erasmus+

Community for life in Harmony/PHZ
Zaježová, 132
96263 Pliešovce