2015.05.22 Cloth menstrual pads sewing workshop in Sekier, Slovakia – MORE INFO

Learn sewing basics through cloth menstrual pads.

In this workshop, we will teach you how to make your own reusable cloth menstrual pads through learning basics sewing skills and expending your knowledges about fabrics.

You will be able to realise small and normal pads, the small ones can be use either for starting and ending of period or either as a complement to your menstrual cup.
You will learn about material and how to choose them, which ones are really ecological and so on.
You will learn how to clean them and how to keep them for long time.

Aim of the workshop:
To learn sewing with sewing machine (treadle & electric one)
To be able to identify fabrics and choose proper ecological fabrics.
To work with fabrics.
Initiation to basic pattern making
To be able to cut patterns without wasting material.
To be able to choose a good and long lasting sewing machine.

Do you know how end up all the period pads you are throwing in the rubbish bin ? The sanitary rubbish are either burned or thrown away in a landfill.
Nowadays, ready to use, synthetics and ephemeral products are common and are justified by our so fast society, but what about to thing a bit about the consequences of our hurried choices and build solutions together ?
Apart from avoid the landfill, industrial menstrual pad are currently mainly made from synthetic material who are forbidden your skin to breath and can increase fungus possibilities, otherwise you can find chlorine in the paper and when it’s cotton it is mainly transgenic one or with pesticides residues and bleach produces… Also, when perfumes are added it isn’t helping to keep your balance and it is spreading chemical in the nature and wasting energy to produce it.

Material required:
The pad will mainly be made with reliable material such linen and will contained one breathable and waterproof plastic layer.
Materials will be provide, but feel free to bring your own material, such scisors and press stud, (snap fastener), hemp fabric or linen.

Programme of the SEWING WORKSHOP:

Friday :
16:00 : Arrival
18:00 : Diner
19:00 : Presentation : Aim of the workshop and introduction to the tools and materials. Get use to the sewing machine.

Saturday :
09:00 – 17:00 : Workshop

Sunday :
09:00 – 13:00 : Workshop

The FEE is 25 € for one weekend & 20 € for young people under 26 years
The workshop starts on Friday at 16:00, and ends on Sunday at 13:00
Accommodation on mattress in own sleeping bags, all meals vegetarian.
Language of the workshop : English
Maximum number of participants : 10

For further information: hanna@zajezka.sk

The workshop is facilitated with the support of the EU programme Erasmus+

Let’s go further ! http://www.thechicecologist.com/2010/04/the-environmental-impact-of-everyday-things/


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